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The Dagupan City Association of No. California, Inc., founded in 1984 and duly registered under the statutes of the State of California, is a non-profit organization of natives of Dagupan City, Philippines, their families and friends who have taken residence in Northern California.  The association, however, in practice welcomes to its membership anyone who advocates the welfare and cause of the Association
Dagupan City  Association of No. California, Inc.

History of DCANC, Inc.

In 1977. a small group of former residents of Dagupan City, Philippines led by Pacita F. Aningalan together with her husband, Al, got together through the urging of the then Philippine Consul Romulo Villamil to start the formation of the association.  The group appointed Mrs. Aningalan to chair a Dinner Dance affair and on December 23, 1977, the first Dinner Dance was held at the Garden Room of the then Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco, now the Cathedral Hill Hotel. The occasion was held under the sponsorship of the Former Residents of Dagupan City of Northern California.  It was a successful affair in that it sowed the spirit of organization in the attendees and gave the opportunity to get connected again with the former friends and neighbors from back home. In the summer of 1984, the desire for an organization had again been awakened during a picnic in Alameda, California.  Pacita F. Aningalan, Alfred Fernandez, and Ray Soy initiated the formation of what we now know as DCANC.  Following the picnic, a formal meeting was held at the United Pangasinanes (UPA) building in San Francisco, Alfred Fernandez acted as interim Chairman.  An election was held and the first Officers were elected.  Jess Sabolboro was elected DCANC’s first president.  Carmen Sabolboro was the First Lady. During the months following the election, a constitution and by-laws was worked on by Jess Sabolboro, Alfred Fernandez and Al Aningalan.  The final charter was adopted and the Association was incorporated in the State of California.  First class hotels were engaged for major events and the association became known in the Filipino community. The logo we now have was designed by Al Aningalan and adopted by the Association and officially displayed at a Dinner Dance in 1985. Marjorie Caramat was the first Miss Dagupan City and eventually won the title of Miss Pangasinan, a Beauty and Talent Competition sponsored by the United Pangasinanes of America’s Affiliate Program. From 1984 to the present, DCANC has had 11 Presidents. by Pacita F. Aningalan
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